OpenCL-accelerated Layouts are Incredibly Fast!

Any OpenCL Devices are Supported: CPUs & GPUs

High-Quality Layouts
by Automatic Tuning

Just Adjust Scale & Gravity !

High-Quality Layout

Visual Clustering by the Clustering Layouts

New Edge-Replusive Layouts
for Highly Connected Nodes

OpenCL-accelerated Interactive Layout App for Cytoscape

AllegroLayout is a high-speed, high-quality, and interactive graph layout app designed for large-scale networks and provides various kinds of OpenCL-accelerated force-based layout algorithms supporting edge-weighted layout.

It can solve the main problem of high-running time in force-based layout algorithms by its massively parallel OpenCL implementation.

Furthermore, it automatically fine-tunes complicated layout parameters which are often required but too hard for normal users.
Users can also guide the layout processing interactively while executing it by selecting and moving nodes, showing/hiding nodes & edges, and adjusting the layout settings.

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as low as US$ 3.25 per month

Try Free Community Edition

AllegroLayout v2.2.2 is available in Cytoscape App Store!

Please try the free community edition which includes the 15-day evaluation of the professional edition.

Try Free Community Edition

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Unique Features

  • OpenCL-accelerated Layout ¹
    10x ~ 200x speedup on large graphs. Any OpenCL devices are supported including CPUs and GPUs.
  • Highest-quality Layout by Automatic Parameter Tuning
    Just define the scale and gravity. All the complex parameters are automatically tuned so that you can always get a highest-quality layout.
    The parameter tuning of legacy force-based algorithms is often required to get satisfied layouts, but it is very hard and time-consuming for most users. No more tuning with AllegroLayout!
  • Visual Clustering by Clustering Layout ¹
    You can clearly see the clusters of highly inter-connected node groups and their relations after the clustering layouts so that you can easily notice which nodes make clusters and where there are.
  • Real-time Layout Animation ¹
    It shows how nodes are moving in real time while processing the layouts.
  • Real-time Interactive Layout Mode ¹
    You can guide the layout in real time by selecting, moving, showing, and hiding nodes, and adjusting the layout settings while processing the layouts.
  • Automatic Convergence Detection
    Just set the max iteration. It automatically stops when layout is done.
  • Automatic Node Overlap Prevention
    It detects overlapping nodes and move them into non-overlapped locations.
  • Fast Parallel Graph Partition
    It finds connected components in a graph simultaneously in parallel while laying out.
  • Parallel Partition Layout
    It layouts all the connected components simultaneously in parallel.
  • Real-time Partition Sorting & Arrangement
    It sorts the connected components and arrange them in real time.

¹: supported only by the professional edition.

  • Spring-Electric & Edge-Repulsive Spring-Electric
  • Fruchterman-Reingold & Edge-Repulsive Fruchterman-Reingold
  • Strong Clustering & Edge-Repulsive Strong Clustering ²
  • Weak Clustering & Edge-Repulsive Weak Clustering ²
  • Edge-Weighting: Log, Inverse Log, Square Root, Inverse Square Root, Linear, Inverse Linear, Square, Inverse Square weighting

² The clustering layouts & edge-repulsive layouts are only supported by the professional edition.

Learn more about Layout Parameter Settings

Our massive parallel implementation can fully exploits CPU and GPU, and is tens of times faster than the non-OpenCL implementation.

More Benchmarks about AllegroLayout vs. Prefuse Force-Directed

  • yeastHighQuality (3,025 nodes, 6,888 edges)

  • yeastHighQuality (Spring Electric Layout)
  • yeastHighQuality (Edge-Repulsive Spring Electric Layout)
  • yeastHighQuality (Fruchterman-Reingold Layout)
  • yeastHighQuality (Edge-Repulsive Fruchterman-Reingold Layout)
  • yeastHighQuality (Weak Clustering Layout)
  • yeastHighQuality (Edge-Repulsive Weak Clustering Layout)
  • yeastHighQuality (Strong Clustering Layout)
  • yeastHighQuality (Edge-Repulsive Strong Clustering Layout)

Please click a image to see in the full screen.
See more Layout Results for large networks

How To Install

  • Method 1: go to the Apps > App Manager menu in the Cytoscape and then select AllegroLayout and click the install button.
  • Method 2: visit the AllegroLayout page at Cytoscape App Store and download the file, and then install it by clicking install from file button in the Apps > App Manager in the Cytoscape menu.
It is recommended to update your graphics/OpenCL driver into the latest for Windows and Linux users. Please visit one of the following to download the latest driver:

To use the OpenCL acceleration with the 1st and 2nd Intel Core Processors in Windows, you need to install Intel OpenCL Runtime (64bit) or (32bit).

System Requirements

Cytoscape Version

Operating System

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Any OpenCL Devices
(For OpenCL acceleration)

  • CPU (Intel or AMD)
  • Integrated or Discrete Graphics Hardware (NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel)
  • Any other OpenCL devices

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