Welcome To AllegroViva

AllegroViva provides cost-effective high performance computing solutions and services for scientific applications. We exploit state-of-art algorithms of pattern analysis and recognition, and the deep understanding of parallel computing software and hardware such as GPU and Cell Broadband Engine. We currently focus on high-performance bioinformatics software.

Who Is AllegroViva

Company Mission
Our mission is to become a leading worldwide brand in innovation and high-performance computing solution such as large-scale biological data analysis and social network analysis. In addition, our goal is not only to develop high-performance solution, but also more affordable solution and service to meet the budget constraints of the current market by using cost-efficient scalable architecture and supercomputing technology.
Market Opportunity
Nowadays the introduction of new methods for DNA sequencing has opened new avenues, including large-scale sequencing studies, metagenomics, transcriptomics, genetic network analysis, and determination of the relationship of sequence variation and phenotypes to disease, to address heretofore unapproachable problems in biomedical research. However, since the large amounts (terabases) of data generated overwhelm existing computational resources and analytic methods, new solutions are needed to enable the translation of this rich new source of genomic information into medical benefit. With the continuous increasing of biological data, and the relative stagnation of microprocessor frequencies, faster algorithms and highly scalable systems for manipulating huge volume of data, especially DNA and protein banks, need to be developed.

Our Expertise

GPU Computing 100%
Parallel Algorithm 95%
Pattern Analysis 85%
Signal Processing 75%