AllegroLayout App

: OpenCL-Accelerated Layout App for Cytoscape

OpenCL-accelerated Layouts are Incredibly Fast!

Any OpenCL Devices are Supported: CPUs & GPUs

High-Quality Layouts
by Automatic Tuning

Just Adjust Scale & Gravity !

High-Quality Layout

Visual Clustering by the Clustering Layouts

New Edge-Replusive Layouts
for Highly Connected Nodes

The AllegroLayout App for Cytoscape is a graph layout App designed for large-scale networks and provides 8 kinds of force-based layout algorithms supporting edge-weighted layout. Its layout algorithm can exploits massively parallel OpenCL computing architecture and makes it possible to perform the layout algorithms for a large complex graph in several seconds. Its OpenCL implementation is hundreds of times faster than non-OpenCL implementations.

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AllegroMCODE App

: GPU-Accelerated Clustering App for Cytoscape

The AllegroMCODE App for Cytoscape finds clusters, or highly interconnected groups of nodes in a huge complex network such as a protein interaction network and a social network. It includes our proprietary highly parallel algorithm based on the original sequential MCODE algorithm and exploits massively parallel GPU computing architecture to make your analysis task faster than ever. Its GPU algorithm usually takes less than a second to analyze a large complex network.

Its cluster explorer helps you to navigate and refine clusters interactively. You can select nodes and edges in a cluster and zoom in/out a cluster without creating a sub-network.

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