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    AllegroLayout require loading classes in the sun.*, com.sun.* package so that it tries to add [sun.*, com.sun.*] in the key of “org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation” in the file: [Cytoscape folder]/framework/etc/custom.properties.

    However, if an administrative right is required to edit the “custom.properties” file, but the current user has no administrative right, then the automatic addition fails and it shows the failure notice with the required instructions.

    In the case, please do one of the followings.

    This is required only once.

    (Method 1) Please restart Cytoscape as administrator or with an administrative right.

    For windows users, please check out the video tutorial about how to run a program once as an administrator.

    (Method 2) Please add the property(sun.*, com.sun.*) manually:

    1. open the file: [Cytoscape folder]/framework/etc/custom.properties

    2. add sun.*, com.sun.* as like the following


    org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=… ,sun.*,com.sun.*

    3. restart Cytoscape.

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