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We value your time. Do you wonder how we help you to save yours?

Our GPU-accelerated Cytoscape plugins work hundreds of times faster than the conventional ones!

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GPU Acceleration

All of the algorithms in our products are highly optimized for graphics hardware to achieve the maximum performance. Normal desktops or even laptops can be personal supercomputers.
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Intuitive UI

Our philosophy is that users should be able to use our high-performance products intuitively without any knowledge of GPU hardware and the user interface itself should tell what the functions are and what is going on.

Support Forums

We provide various support forums where you can get help from our team and other users. The professional license holders benefit from priority support in the forums.
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License Transfer

You can easily transfer your license into another PC at any time! For example, you can transfer from a Windows PC into a MacBook, and vice versa. So you can use your desktop in the office and also your laptop or home PC outside office.
Cytoscape is a popular open-source network visualization and analysis software and is freely available. You can download Cytoscape and get detailed information from